September 26, 2021
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Studio Canal Releasing 4K Collector’s Editions of 5 John Carpenter Films

As fans gear up for the new 4K Collector’s Editions of the first five Halloween films coming courtesy of Shout Factory imprint Scream Factory, UK label Studio Canal is appealing to fans of John Carpenter! The label will release new 4K limited collector’s editions of five John Carpenter films – 1980’s The Fog (featuring Nancy Loomis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Tom Atkins and Charles Cypher); 1981’s Escape From New York (featuring Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers and Tom Atkins); 1982’s The Thing; 1987’s Prince of Darkness (featuring Donald Pleasence); and 1988’s They Live!

The releases will all come in a rigid slipbox featuring a retro-styled poster utilizing the new commissioned artwork, a booklet, art cards, the film on both 4K UHD and Blu-Ray discs, an additional Blu-Ray of special features were applicable, and the film’s soundtrack on CD! The films can currently be ordered at Amazon UK (worldwide), as well as HMV (for UK residents only). The Thing appears to be close to selling out, as retailer Zavvi has already depleted its stock as well as HMV.

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