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1988 | 88 MINUTES | 1.85:1




While being transferred from a mental institute ten years after his last massacre, Michael Myers escapes and returns to his hometown of Haddenfield, Illinois to kill his niece Jamie Lloyd.

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Cast & Characters

  • Donald Pleasence as Dr. Sam Loomis
  • Ellie Cornell as Rachel Carruthers
  • Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd
  • George P. Wilbur as Michael Myers
  • Michael Pataki as Dr. Hoffman
  • Beau Starr as Sheriff Ben Meeker
  • Kathleen Kinmont as Kelly Meeker
  • Sasha Jenson as Brady
  • Gene Ross as Earl
  • Carmen Filpi as Reverend Jackson P. Sayer
  • Raymond O’Connor as Security Guard
  • Jeff Olson as Richard Carruthers
  • Karen Alston as Darlene Carruthers
  • Nancy Borgenicht as Woman Attendant
  • David Jensen as Man Attendant
  • Rand Kennedy as Trooper #1
  • Don Glover as Trooper #2
  • Robert Condor as Trooper #3
  • Richard Jewkes as Trooper #4
  • Jordan Bradley as Kyle
  • Richy Cumba as Boy
  • Stephanie Dees as Girl
  • Leslie L. Roland as Lindsey Wallace
  • M.J. McDonnell as Dr. Hoffman’s Assistant
  • Harlow Marks as Bucky
  • Richard Stay as Wade
  • Danny Ray as Tommy Doyle
  • Michael Flynn as Deputy Pierce
  • Beverly Rowland as Elderly Woman
  • George Sullivan as Deputy Logan
  • Ron Harrison as Hick Kid
  • Tami Sanders as Anchor Woman
  • Walt Logan Field as Unger
  • Michael Ruud as Big Al
  • Eric Hart as Orrin Gateway
  • Donré Simpson as State Policeman


  • Director: Dwight H. Little
  • Screenplay: Alan B. McElroy
  • Story: Dhani Lipsius, Larry Rattner, Benjamin Ruffner and Alan B. McElroy
  • Executive Producer: Moustapha Akkad
  • Producer: Paul Freeman
  • Associate Producer: Mohammad Sanousi
  • Composer: Alan Howarth
  • Editor: Curtiss Clayton
  • Director of Photography: Peter Lyons Collister


Michael’s full name is Michael Audrey Myers, yet whenever we see his name typed up at various parts in the movie, the middle initial is M rather than A.

When Michael surprises Dr. Loomis the elementary school, he is suddenly wearing a mask with blonde hair.

Leslie L. Rohland’s character is listed as “Leslie” in the end credits rather than Lindsay.

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After the success they had with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Cannon Group had reached out to Debra Hill and John Carpenter about producing a Halloween IV.

George P. Wilbur would often take his mask off between takes and play with Danielle Harris to prevent her from being scared during filming. Danielle Harris has often said she was aware that it was all make believe from the get-go regardless

Rachel’s friend that drives them to the convenience store was intended to be Lindsay Wallace from the first two films, who would’ve had a bigger part in the film. Her character was cut down as a result of budgetary restrictions.

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Release & Reception

Release Date: October 21, 1988
Budget: $5,000,000 ($12,888,922.66 in 2023)
Box Office: $38,769,084

IMDb: 5.8/10
MetaCritic: 34 (MetaScore); 7.9/10 (User Score)
Rotten Tomatoes: 33% (Critics); 53% (Audience)

Home Video

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Alternate Versions

So far, no alternate footage for Halloween 4 has been released. When the film’s domestic Blu-Ray release was announced, the press release advertised newly discovered footage. It was soon clarified that it was a misprint, and no such footage was found.