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1989 | 97 MINUTES | 1.85:1




One year after the events of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield in an attempt to kill his now-mute niece once more.

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Cast & Characters

  • Donald Pleasence
    • as Dr. Loomis
  • Danielle Harris
    • as Jamie Lloyd
  • Ellie Cornell
    • as Rachel Carruthers
  • Beau Starr
    • as Sheriff Ben Meeker
  • Jeffrey Landman
    • as Billy Hill
  • Tamara Glynn
    • as Samantha Thomas
  • Jonathan Chapin
    • as Mikey
  • Matthew Walker
    • as Spitz
  • Wendy Kaplan
    • as Tina Williams
  • Betty Carvalho
    • as Nurse Patsey
  • Troy Evans
    • as Deputy Charlie
  • Frankie Como
    • as Deputy Nick Ross
  • Darvis Ursin
    • as Deputer Tom Farrah
  • Harper Roisman
    • as Mountain Man / Hermit
  • Karen Alston
    • as Darlene Carruthers
  • Max Robinson
    • as Dr. Max Hart
  • Stanton Davis
    • as Young Policeman
  • Jack North
    • as Gardener
  • Russ McGinn
    • as Pageant Announcer
  • Jon Pichard Platten
    • as Cop at Pageant
  • Jay Bernard
    • as Tall Policeman
  • Angela Montoya
    • as Young Girl
  • Patrick White
    • as Mole Man
  • Steven Anderson
    • as Cop in Field
  • Fenton Quinn
    • as Eddy
  • Frank Kanig
    • as Trooper #1
  • Donré Simpson
    • as Trooper #2
  • John Gilbert
    • as Fat Sniper
  • Tom Jacobsen
    • as Jail Cop
  • Don Shanks
    • as Michael Myers
    • as Man in Black


  • Directed by
    • Dominique Othenin-Girard
  • Written by
    • Shem Bitterman
    • Michael Jacobs
    • Dominique Othenin-Girard
  • Executive Producer
    • Moustapha Akkad
  • Produced By
    • Ramsey Thomas
  • Line Producer
    • Rick Nathanson
  • Composed By
    • Alan Howarth
  • Edited By
    • Jerry Brady
    • Charles Tetoni
  • Director of Photography
    • Robert Draper


Every character in this film refers to Darlene Carruthers as Jamie’s stepmother. However, Jamie Lloyd is actually her foster daughter.

Tina’s hair changes styles throughout the night of the party. When she’s getting ready, she places it in a high bun. When she enters the barn later on, it’s in a pony tail; later in the barn, it’s completely down, before changing once more during the car chase.

A stake-out is set-up at the Myers house to trick Michael Myers. However, a few scenes later, we discover the attic is full of dead bodies. The attic would’ve been searched when the police were setting up.

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Though Shem Bitterman receives credit for the final film, his first draft was completely thrown out for this film and none of his elements were used.

Don Shanks also portrayed the Man in Black, as a precaution in case it was to be revealed that he was related to Michael.

In the years the followed, executive producer Moustapha Akkad came to see Revenge as his biggest regret of the Halloween films

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Release & Reception

  • Release Date: October 13, 1989
  • Budget: $5,000,000
    • Equivalent to $10,407,862 in 2020.
  • Opening Weekend: $5,093,428
    • Equivalent to $10,602,340 in 2020
  • Domestic Gross: $11,642,254
    • Equivalent to $24,234,196 in 2020
  • IMDb: 5.2/10
  • MetaCritic
    • MetaScore: 28/100
    • User Score: 7.4/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 13%

Elliott’s Personal Ranking: 11/11

Home Video


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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) - Second Draft
  • Second Draft.
  • Written by Michael Jacobs, Dominique Othenin-Girard and Shem Bitterman.
  • Dated March 31, 1989.
  • 112 pages.

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Alternate Versions

There are currently three known deleted scenes of substance from The Revenge of Michael Myers, though none of them have been released in full yet.

Rather than being at the hermit’s residence for a year, the original opening of the film saw Michael dying. A man on the outskirts of town named Dr. Death resurrects Michael with a voodoo ritual. Segments of this film can be seen in the Inside Halloween 5 featurette. It was replaced during production with the scene that the film opens with now.

The next scene was to feature an additional death in the film. One of the officers guarding the clinic goes outside, and his body is mutilated by Michael Myers with his neck being broken, a decapitation and then a head crushing. Though the scene was filmed, it was cut from its theatrical cut to secure an R-rating from the MPAA.

The final deleted scene of notice extended the laundry chute sequence. At one point, Michael’s knife was to penetrate Jamie Lloyd’s leg, causing her to scream out. The shot of her screaming is still in the film’s final cut, and the stabbing was the explanation for Jamie’s limping when she gets out of the chute at the end of the sequence. Danielle Harris has said she kept the prosthetic leg and eventually gave it to a fan years later.

Other cast members have talked about their death scenes all being a few seconds longer in the film’s original cut, such as Mikey’s body twitching more after he’s stabbed by Michael Myers.

Unfortunately, none of these scenes have ever surfaced.