Donald Pleasence

While Donald Pleasence will forever be known to us Halloween fans as Dr. Samuel Loomis, his resume was already large when John Carpenter met with him at a Hamburger Hamlet across the street from Mann’s Child Theatre in Hollywood, California. It was Donald Pleasance’s daughter, the singer of a rock band in England, who convinced him take the part, as she herself was a big fan of John Carpenter’s previous film, Assault on Precinct 13.

The meeting would ultimately prove to be fruitful for both of them. As the biggest name in the cast, Donald Pleasance was paid $20,000 for his part, which amounted to just eight days on set, and was given a mobile home to serve as his trailer.

The relationship between Donald Pleasance and John Carpenter soon become beneficial for both of them, as Donald Pleasance went on to star in several more of John Carpenter’s films.

He unfortunately passed in February 1995 in London, England, before the production of Halloween: The Curse of Michaels was finished. The film, as well as Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, were later dedicated to his memory.

Appears In…

Halloween II
The Return of Michael Myers
The Revenge of Michael Myers
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
The Curse of Michael Myers Producer's Cut