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Production Trivia

  • The laundry chute scene was one of the more complex scenes of the film to shoot, and required thirty different sections of the laundry chute. The scene was filming utilizing full props, various cut-out sections and even a horizontal laundry chute that a camera could dolly through. Despite all of this, it was filmed in just one night.
  • The film entered production without a finished shooting script.
  • The Man in Black was written into the film without an idea of what to do with him, quipping it was a problem for the sequel to figure out.
  • Though Shem Bitterman receives credit for the final film, his first draft was completely thrown out for this film and none of his elements were used.
    • His first draft consisted of a teenaged Jamie Lloyd going on her own killing spree, with Michael growing increasingly frustrated before he decides to attempt to kill her.

Cast Trivia

  • Don Shanks also portrayed the Man in Black, as a precaution in case it was to be revealed that he was related to Michael. The scenes featuring him as the Man in Black were reshot for the British version of the film, using an uncredited British extra instead.
  • Donald Pleasance was only on set for two weeks. After he left, he gave his trailer to Danielle Harris and her mother to use, as his was bigger than the one they had been given.
  • The mask used in Return was originally planned to be in this film, but it was too small for Dan Shanks to wear comfortably. A new mask was designed for him, but it wound up looking nothing like the mask in Return.

General Trivia

  • The film itself only carries the title Halloween 5 in the credits, with the promotional material adding The Revenge of Michael Myers as its subtitle.
  • The poster features Jamie Lloyd in her clown costume from The Return of Michael Myers. However, she wears a princess costume in this film.
  • The lowest-grossing film of the franchise, with it only being released theatrically in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, France, Germany and Turkey. Elsewhere, it was a straight-to-video release, and has never seen an official release in Italy.
  • Donald Pleasance and Danielle Harris both argued that Jamie was set up to become a killer in this sequel. The memories of Season of the Witch fresh on his mind, Moustapha Akkad objected, as he felt audiences only wanted to see Michael as the killer.
  • In the years the followed, Moustapha Akkad came to see Revenge as his biggest regret of the Halloween films. He soon realized one year was too quick of a turn-around time for Halloween films, and felt that Rachel should’ve been the one around for the duration of the film rather than Tina.
  • Following in Return‘s footsteps, Michael’s first murder in this film occurs on October 30, 1989, rather than on the holiday.