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The workprint of Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later first made its rounds shortly after the release of Halloween H20 in theatres. Sourced from a VHS transfer, it features a running timecode along the bottom. There are a few minor differences between the two versions, though nothing of significance to the plot.

List of Differences

  • The opening credits feature some alternate shots, and the narration from Dr. Loomis features the additional line, “He killed one sister 15 years ago; now he’s back to the kill the other.”
  • Rather than Scream 2, Molly and Sara have So I Married an Axe Murderer on TV in their dorm room, one of the film’s many meta references.
  • The CGI mask that Michael Myers has on when Charlie bumps into him is no more! Additionally, you don’t see the reflection of Charlie in Michael’s eye.
  • The end lingers on Laurie holding the axe after decapitating “Michael” ever so slightly longer.