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Television Cut

First airing on FX in 2003, this television cut of Halloween H20 was similar to those of the second and sixth films. The film’s gorier moments are kills were gone, instead being replaced with deleted scenes and shots from the film.

List of Differences

  • There are brief additional and alternate shots in the opening of Marion discovering her house has been broken into.
  • Jimmy no longer steals the beers in this cut, and the subsequent dialogue of him and his friend outside is deleted. Rather, the television cut shows a brief scene of him looking through the ransacked office.
  • There is additional footage of Marion Chambers looking around her house before she makes her way over to Jimmy’s house.
  • The television cut completely deletes her finding the bodies of Jimmy and his friend.
    • Instead, we’re treated to new footage of Marion walking around, calling out for Jimmy.
    • The shot of Michael entering the doorway is cut into the scene, and runs a second or two longer.
    • When Marion turns around the corner (where she discovers Jimmy’s body in the theatrical cut), it’s implied that she sees Michael grabbing the knife.
  • New footage shows Marion trying to escape from the front door, but she’s unable to open it.
  • There is additional footage of Michael looking around the hallway before he goes to the living room.
  • There is more footage of the policeman entering Marion’s house to fill in for the removal of her death.
  • The car can be seen driving to the rest stop earlier.
  • Rather than one shot that shows both cars, the television cut features a shot that pans between the two cars.
  • We see from Michael’s P.O.V. as he spies on the mother and daughter from the men’s room. There is also more footage showing the door cracked.
  • More exterior footage of the school.
  • Few added lines of dialogue between the four friends before their first class.
  • While walking around downtown, John and Charlie talk about John’s relationship with Molly while Michael’s car can be seen in the background.
  • There’s an alternate shot of John walking away after yelling at Laurie, and it runs for a few seconds longer.
  • More footage of the students getting on the busses for the trip away.
  • Will’s conversation with Sara and Molly is trimmed significantly, removing Sara’s quip about their plans for their night and Will joking that he wants to get his nipples pierced.
  • During Will and Laurie’s date, there is a scene added where they are carving a pumpkin and talking about Will’s childhood with an abusive father.
  • There is additional dialogue when Sara and Molly return to the basement with food.
  • There are additional shots of Charlie searching for the corkscrew, and Michael can be seen walking towards him.
  • The lead-up to Sara’s death cuts the footage involving Charlie’s body, removes the close-ups of her leg being broken by the elevator and cuts the footage of her crawling on the floor before Michael stabs her. It’s edited to imply that she dies from the elevator’s ropes being cut.
  • John and Molly no longer discover Sara’s body. Rather, the shots of Sara’s body have been replaced with footage of Michael looking at him, implying that’s what makes them start running from the get-go. Added shots of Michael following them have been added during the chase scene.
  • The close-up of John being stabbed is removed. In its place is a new shot of Molly trying to help John stand up.
  • A different take is used for the scene of Laurie examining Ronnie’s body, removing the shots featuring blood on her hands.
  • Will’s death is edited to show the kill from a wider shot, and feature more footage of Laurie running away.
  • More footage of Michael chasing after Laurie, John and Molly as they run towards the car.
  • There is more footage of Michael searching the corridors for Laurie, as well as more footage of Laurie walking through the corridors.
  • The close-ups of Laurie hitting Michael with the axe and Michael slicing Laurie’s arm have been removed, though the edit implies both still happen.
  • The cafeteria scene features more shots of Michael roaming around and Laurie hiding under the tables. It’s extended to have Michael flipping more tables and Laurie hiding on the floor longer.
  • The close-ups of Michael being impaled by the flag pole and later stabbed seven times have been removed.
  • The television cut implies Ronnie has died, removing the footage of him on the phone in the end.
  • There is more footage of the car driving down the road.
  • The shot of the car pinning Michael against the tree has been removed, creating a bit of a continuity error as he goes from facing one direction to now facing the other.
  • Michael’s decapitation is missing. Laurie swings the axe and the film instantly cuts to the credits.