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  • The porch light at Jimmy’s house changes frequently between turned on and off.
  • When Marion discovers Jimmy’s body, the ice skate has made a clean cut into his face. However, an ice skate would shatter the skull and cause a jagged incision.
  • One of the newspaper headlines during the film’s opening title sequence spells Myers as “Meyers,” while another says that Laurie’s ordeal took place in 1968 rather than 1978.
  • During Laurie’s nightmare sequence, the yearbook has her listed as the Class of 1978. However, she would be part of the Class of 1979.
  • During her lunch, the amount of wine in Laurie’s wine glass changes between shots, as done as its placement on the table.
  • Molly and Sarah are watching Scream 2 in their dorm room when Will checks in on them. However, the original Scream film clearly establishes Halloween as a fictional movie, and even features clips from the movie in it.
    • Additionally, Scream 2 portrays two clips back-to-back that take place minutes apart in the actual film.
  • Will removes the top from the vodka bottle after Laurie hands it to him, despite the fact that she had just taken the top off it and didn’t put it back on.
  • Charlie’s body goes from looking forward with his eyes open to facing Sarah with his eyes closed in the elevator.
  • During Will’s death, the strings holding Adam Arkin’s body in the air can be seen.
  • As Laurie roams the halls for Michael, the wound on her shoulder is visible before he drops from the pipe to attack her.
  • In the film’s climax, the road that Laurie is driving the coroner’s van on changes design from the exterior shots compared to the shots inside the van.