About the Site


45LampkinLane.com was officially opened on May 8, 2020. The site’s creation was was the result of my personal disappointment that all of places I used to live visiting for Halloween had gradually disappeared over the years. The most upsetting me was the loss of the Official Halloween Message Board in a time where we had two upcoming films, so I decided to do something about it. The end result was a new website for fans who needed their Halloween fix, with information about the films, the franchise as a whole, the novelizations, a media archive, a gallery with a variety of image options and – eventually – a new forum to help fill in.

45 Lampkin Lane‘s roots go back to August 2003, when I opened my first Halloween fansite on Angelfire.com simply entitled Elliott’s Halloween Fansite. Though the website is long gone (or I just can’t remember the url for the life of me), it was my first foray into web making. The site itself served as little more than a basic link archive for me to post news about the then-planned Halloween 9 and 25 Years of Convention, but over time, I started adding photos of my growing Halloween collection, fan films that I’d loved and other miscellaneous items. I kept this site updated for a couple years, eventually placing it on a hiatus at the end of 2005 as my strength as a web designer had grown and I wanted to make something more out of the site.

Eventually, the tail end of 2006 saw that site morph into He’s Very Angry, which I registered under the domain name hesveryangry.us. I spent a few months fixing up all of the pages from my prior website, and worked on creating an actual image gallery this time around. Though a bit more in-depth than my previous website, it was nonetheless a small ordeal that was focused mainly on information over the films and news of the upcoming Rob Zombie reboot. Eventually, a lack of time on my part and the franchise going through development hell after Halloween II led me to make the decision to close the site. Fortunately, I had copies of some of the HTML pages I used for that website, which helped with some of the trivia and whatnot that I’d forgotten over the years.


About the Owner


My first introduction to Halloween came in 1998, when Halloween H20 hit VHS and I watched it as a 6-year-old with my older sister, who was a fan of the films. From there, I went out and watched all of the subsequent films, and quickly fell in love with the series, too. It helped that Halloween was already my favourite holiday, but I still have a vivid memory of Christmas arriving a couple of weeks later and unwrapping all of the Halloween films that were on VHS to watch.

The original Halloween has become my all-time favourite film over the years, and my love for the films or the horror genre hasn’t wavered. I also spent most of my middle school, high school and college years being interested in web design, though I will confess my skills have gotten a bit rusty over the years as I haven’t ran a website in a while.

Nonetheless, I’m excited to have this site back up and running, and look forward to it hopefully growing over time.