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  • During the drive to Santa Mira, you can see an empty passenger seat when the car turns down a road, despite the fact that Dr. Challis would be occupying that seat.
  • The position of the sunlight changes from the interior scenes to the exterior shots when Dr. Challis checks into the hotel.
  • Ellie’s jacket is open, closed, and then open again in the scene where she talks to Marge Guttman.
  • The number of days until Halloween claimed in the Silver Shamrock jingle goes from 2 days to 3 days on the same day.
  • The digital clock in the room that Dr. Challis is locked in doesn’t correspond with the actions in the film. The previous scene of the town square shows a clock reading 7:30, while the room begins with it reading 7:45. It then skips ahead in various shots until it finally reads 7:50, despite the actions in the scene only being a few moments long.
  • The skull mask thrown on the security camera changes positions depending on the shot used.
  • Dr. Challis’s shirt goes from untucked to tucked in several times during the film’s final act.
  • The position of Buddy, Jr.’s legs after his death change.
  • There is a glaring error regarding geography in the film. Ohio and New York are shone to be in daylight, while states on the west coast are already in night. Additionally, by the time the children would be dying in California, it would’ve already happened in the previous time zones in the United States alone.