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  • As a result of the film enduring multiple rounds of reshoots, hairstyles frequently change throughout the film, most notably on Sara Moyer.
  • During the flashback of Michael switching places with the officer, Michael is clearly wearing the mask he wears for the rest of Resurrection rather than one of the masks he wore in Halloween H20.
  • Harold tells Willy that John Wayne Gacy died May 7, 1998. However, John Wayne Gacy was executed on May 10, 1994.
  • After Willy is decapitated, there is blood all over Michael’s knife. However, when he’s walking towards Laurie’s room, only the edge of the blade has blood on it.
  • The lamp that Laurie attacks Michael with receives more damage in the first shot than it does in the subsequent shots.
  • Harold’s details of the attacks from the first two films and H20 are incorrect.
  • The wide shot shows a girl on the bench next to Sara’s moped. In the close-ups of her and Jen talking, she’s no longer there.
  • Nora picks up her phone twice to call Freddie during Charlie’s death scene.
  • When everyone yells at Miles/Deckard to turn the volume down on the feed, there’s a blond, male partygoer amongst the crowd. Later on, he joins the screening as if he wasn’t already there.
  • When Bill is killed by Michael Myers, it’s established that his head camera is broken and no longer works. However, it’s shown to still be working when Sara climbs over his body to get to the attic.
  • Throughout the movie, Jenn’s roots can be seen. However, when her decapitated head hits the bottom of the staircase, no roots can be seen. In addition, the decapitated head looks notably fake.
  • Michael Myers slashes at Sara’s leg when she escapes his bedroom. However, the cut isn’t visible for the rest of the film.
  • The screen layout of Sara’s PDA changes format several times during Deckard’s assistance in her escape.
  • Freddie is stabbed in his left shoulder, but the close-up of the blade shows it going in his right shoulder.