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With a screenplay of 120 pages and a run time of only 92 minutes, Halloween II has a fair share of deleted scenes from the final cut. Fortunately for the fanbase, most of those scenes would pop up in the film’s television cut, but not all of them did.

A scene that was scripted and shot involved reporter Robert Mundy and his production team showing up to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Alves scolds them and forces them to leave. Outside of a few production stills, this scene is considered lost otherwise.

Halloween II featured another scene that was scripted, but ultimately never filmed. The blonde female reporter, seen speaking to her assistant (played by Dana Carvey) earlier, is en route to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital when her car gets a flat. After she’s propositioned by a local resident, she attempts to put her spare tire away, only to be attacked by Michael, who was hiding in her trunk. He slices her throat and then steals the car to make his way towards Haddonfield.

As a result of the scene being deleted, there no longer existed a scene to bridge Michael roaming around to knowing where to find Laurie. During his reshoots, John Carpenter filmed the sequence where Michael stumbles across the teenager with the boombox.