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Production Trivia

  • In the years between Halloween: Resurrection‘s release and this film’s confirmation, there were many ideas that had been planned and abandoned.
    • The primary one was a direct sequel to Halloween: Resurrection, which ultimately was cancelled following the unfortunate death of Moustapha Akkad.
    • Another one was to be a stand-alone that focused solely on Michael’s youth in Smiths Grove.
  • Rob Zombie had originally pitched two films to the Weinsteins. The first would focus on Michael as a child, killing Judith and growing up in the Sanitarium, while the second would have been a full-length remake of the original.
  • Before the film was confirmed, Rob Zombie called John Carpenter as a courtesy to let him know he had signed on to remake the film. John Carpenter reportedly told him to “make it his own.”
  • The film’s producers wanted the film to be shot in South Pasadena, California, mimicking the original. Several locations from the original were reused in the remake.
  • Rob Zombie was also required to film the remake in the 2.39:1 ratio, to match the original’s scope presentation. As he preferred shooting in 1.85:1, this was his first film to be presented in that ratio.

Cast Trivia

  • Rob Zombie was opposed to cameos from actors in the original franchise, as he felt it would cheapen the remake. Danielle Harris’s manager had convinced Rob Zombie to let her audition, and he relented after finding she had the best audition for Annie and seemed more than comfortable to do the nudity required.
    • As such, Danielle Harris is the only actor to appear in the film’s original series and Rob Zombie’s duology.
  • At 6’8″, Tyler Mane is the tallest Michael Myers by a significant margin.
  • Among the many actresses who had auditioned for the role of Laurie Strode, Emma Stone was one of them.
  • Rob Zombie had originally intended for Sheri Moon Zombie to portray Lynda Van Der Klok owing to her resemblance to P.J. Soles, but she was ultimately cast as Deborah Myers due to her height.
  • Heather Bowen was the winner of a walk-in role in the next Halloween film during 2003’s 25 Years of Terror Convention. Though it was technically only for Halloween 9, Rob Zombie honoured the drawing and she appears in a deleted scene from the film.
  • Malcolm McDowell had never seen any of the previous Halloween films when he signed on to portray Dr. Loomis.
  • Danielle Harris was committed to doing the topless scenes as she felt nobody was taking her seriously as an adult actress since she was so heavily associated with Jamie Lloyd, and thought her first nude scene being in a Halloween film was poignant.

General Trivia

  • The film White Zombie can be seen playing on television early in the film, an homage to the band Rob Zombie started in that was named after the film.
  • The longest Halloween film in the entire franchise with a running time of 109 minutes for the theatrical cut and 121 minutes for the director’s cut.
  • The film was trimmed down by 23 minutes in Brazil to secure a 14 rating.
  • This is the first film in the franchise where Michael talks, though it’s only as a child.
  • Excluding Season of the Witch for obvious reasons, Deborah Myers is the only person to die in a theatrically released Halloween film by someone other than Michael Myers.
    • Additionally, she’s the only person in a Halloween film to die via suicide.
    • However, the producer’s cut of The Curse of Michael Myers features Jamie Lloyd dying by the Man in Black.