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  • When young Michael grabs the knife from the kitchen drawer to kill Judith with, the knife shakes as he pulls it free, revealing it t one a fake.
  • Michael is given metal utensils at the asylum, despite the fact that asylums such as the one Michael is in would give out plastic utensils.
  • Michael’s escape occurs fifteen years after Deborah’s suicide. Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Brackett refer to it being seventeen years ago in their conversations for the film’s third act.
  • Michael and Big Joe Grizzly cause severe damage to the wall of the stalls when they’re fighting. However, after Big Joe Grizzly’s death, the wall is merely dented.
  • Laurie calls the police from the Wallace residence. However, the police show up to the Doyle residence when they arrive. Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Brackett then show up at the Wallace residence.
  • As a result of the film’s ending being reshot, Laurie’s hair alternate between being straight and curly when she’s trapped inside the Myers house.
  • Laurie picks up Dr. Loomis’ gun and hits three empty chambers before finally being able to fire the gun. However, as Dr. Loomis had just shot out of it, the first time Laurie pulled the trigger would’ve resulted in a bullet being ejected.