Halloween II

by Jack Martin

It is Halloween night in Haddonfield, Illinois. Six gunshots pierce the silence of this normally quiet town. Neighborhood kids trick-or-treating on the street stare as a man plunges off a balcony. A doctor from the county mental hospital rushes from the house. He has followed his patient, who escaped from the institution, back to Haddonfield, where fifteen years earlier he brutally murdered his own sister. The demented young man has already killed three teenagers this evening. Tonight’s massacre has only begun!

Based off the film’s shooting script, author Dennis Etchison (writing under the pen-name Jack Martin) adds his own flair to his novelization of Halloween II. Though similarly structured to the film, the novelization features many of the film’s deleted scenes that were present in its television cut, as well as adding a few unique moments as well.


  • Release Date: November 1, 1981
  • Publisher: Zebra Books
  • Page Count: 256 Pages
  • ISBN: 089083864X • 978-0890838648

List of Differences

  • Rather than recapping the end of the first film, the novel begins with trick-or-treaters at the Elrod residence.
  • The recap of the first film’s events show Dr. Loomis once more scaring Lonnie before reuniting with Sheriff Brackett. Afterward, they begin to chase after Michael.
  • Michael’s legacy seems to have a bigger aspect in this novel, as when the news reports begin, people begin to blame him. Mrs. Elrod is one of them, completely unaware that Michael is stealing the knife behind her.
  • The scene where Dr. Mixter mentions Laurie’s parents being at the same party he was at is slightly longer, featuring an interaction between him and Mrs. Avles.
  • A scene that was scripted but never filmed finds its way in the novelization. The blonde news reporter’s death scene has been reinstated for the novelization.
  • While sleeping, Laurie has more dreams in the novelization, including a flashback to her after-school walk with Lynda and Annie earlier in the day. Additionally, he relationship with Michael Myers starts to get established earlier here than it did in the film.
  • Janet runs to Dr. Mixter’s office are discovering the body of Mr. Garrett in the basement, rather than trying to track him down because of Laurie’s reaction.
  • The novelization adds some tension in the scenes of Laurie hiding in the room and Michael wandering the halls. At one point, Laurie sees him walking past the door to the room she is hiding in, and closes it afterward.
  • An extended ending that features some of the clean-up of Michael and Dr. Loomis’s bodies (clearly establishing them as dead), as well as Laurie conversing with the ambulance driver at the end.


The novel for Halloween II is long of print, and is only available on the secondhand market, where it unfortunately attracts a pretty penny. Occasionally, some cheaper (by comparison) listings show up on eBay, and can be even cheaper depending on the condition.



A selection of scans from this novel will be coming soon!