by Curtis Richards

Tricked by his cunning, treated to his savagery, Annie, Lynda and Laurie – fresh, pretty, ready to be taken – are stalked by a sadistic power who has returned to claim new victims, on this – the most frightening night of the year.

Released in 1979, author Richard Curtis (writing under the pen-name Curtis Richards)’s novelization of Halloween features more background on the holiday of Halloween itself, and delves more into Michael’s youth at Smiths Grove – as well as the supernatural forces that have rallied around the soon-to-be mass murderer.


Halloween by Curtis Richards
Front cover for the 1981 re-issue of Curtis Richards’ Halloween novelization
  • Release Date: October 1, 1979 (original); 1983 (release)
  • Publisher: Bantam Books
  • Page Count: 168 Pages
  • ISBN: 0553132261 • 978-0553132267


The novel for Halloween is long of print, and is only available on the secondhand market, where it unfortunately attracts a pretty penny. Occasionally, some cheaper (by comparison) listings show up on eBay, and can be even cheaper depending on the condition.



A selection of scans from this novel will be coming soon!