May 19, 2022
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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers logo
  • Every character in this film refers to Darlene Carruthers as Jamie’s stepmother. However, Jamie Lloyd is actually her foster daughter.
  • As a result of the film shooting in the spring, all of the trees seen in the film are in full bloom.
  • While Michael Myers is in the stream of water in the beginning, the string attached to Don Shanks’ jumpsuit can be seen. This is particularly noticeable when the material on his shoulder is pulled backwards as he grabs the netting.
  • In Jamie’s flashback to the end of Return of Michael Myers, Darlene Carruthers can be heard screaming three times. However, in the original scene, she only screamed once.
  • The boom mic can be seen in the window to the clinic when Dr. Loomis and Rachel Carruthers discuss the brick that was thrown into Jamie’s room.
  • The Myers home changes from the normal home that it was in the first and second films to a Victorian/Gothic style mansion for this film.
  • Spurs can be heard jingling from the Man In Black’s boots, but none can be seen on him in any of the close-ups of his feet.
  • Tina’s lips are out of sync when she says, “Nothing Mike. That’s what I get – nothing.”
  • The offer as the pageant pages Sheriff Meeker and refers to him as a sergeant rather than a sheriff.
  • Tina’s hair changes styles throughout the night of the party. When she’s getting ready, she places it in a high bun. When she enters the barn later on, it’s in a pony tail; later in the barn, it’s completely down, before changing once more during the car chase.
  • In the build up to her sex scene, Samantha’s glove is removed twice.
  • During the car chase, Michael and the steering wheel switch back and forth between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat.
  • A stake-out is set-up at the Myers house to trick Michael Myers. However, a few scenes later, we discover the attic is full of dead bodies. The attic would’ve been searched when the police were setting up.
  • Rachel’s body is discovered by Jamie in the attic. However, the spot that she would be in is empty when Jamie first walks into the attic, and once Michael leaves the attic a few moments later.
  • Michael wouldn’t have been allowed to keep his mask on in prison.