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The Return of Michael Myers received one Betamax release in 1989 courtesy of CBS/Fox.


To my knowledge, The Return of Michael Myers received four releases on Laserdisc. The first three came in 1989, being local releases for the United States, Japan and France. Each release was in the pan & scan format, utilized the same transfer and was void of any special features.

The fourth release was a German release in 1999, around the time of the film’s DVD releases in the United States. It was also free of special features and was in the pan & scan format.


The Return of Michael Myers received its first VHS release in 1989, courtesy of CBS/Fox. The artwork was the same as of that of its Betamax release. It’s interesting to note the first release is the only to retain an authentic theatrical audio track.

When Anchor Bay received distribution rights for the original in 1998, it also received the rights for Return and Revenge. The film was put out on a widescreen VHS, and featured new artwork (inside a clamshell case, too) for the first time since its release.


Return of Michael Myers received its first DVD release on October 9, 2001. The film was presented in an anamorphic widescreen transfer, alongside the “Halloween 4: Final Cut” featurette and the film’s theatrical trailer.

That same DVD was released in a collectible tin, which featured replications of publicity stills and a mini-poster for the film.

On June 25, 2006, the film received a “DiviMax” release to tie in with the DVD release of the 25 Years of Terror documentary. The film was given a new HD transfer (which later served as the basis for the film’s 2012 Blu-Ray release), and included new commentary tracks and the Halloween 4 panel from the 25 Years of Terror convention on top of carrying over the prior special features.


August 21, 2012 saw the first Blu-Ray release of the film. It featured the transfer used for the 2006 DiviMax release, and contained a selection of special features from that release. The commentary track with Alan B. McElroy was dropped alongside the Halloween 4: Final Cut featurette.

For the film’s inclusion in the 2014 box set, it was noticed that, though none of the newly created special features were added to the disc, a new disc had been manufactured, as the discussion panel was no longer listed as a special feature (but could be accessed from pressing the “TITLE MENU” button on the remote). However, controversy soon arouse when it was discovered there had been an issue with the film’s audio track, and it was now off sync for close to ten minutes.

A replacement disc was soon issued, correcting the audio track but completely removing the discussion panel. The disc art was also back to that of the original Anchor Bay release, compared to the solid black used in the box set. Releases of the complete collection would soon contain this disc inside; an easy way of knowing if you had this set was by seeing if there was a sticker over the bar code in the back. The UPC also ended in 1 rather than 0.