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Production Trivia

  • Rob Zombie had originally no desire to do a second Halloween film as a result of his frequent clashing with the Weinsteins on the first film, but elected to return after finding out one was going to be created without him.
  • The first Halloween to filmed in the 1.85:1 ratio after the “Thorn trilogy” of Return, Revenge and Curse. To date, it is also the final Halloween film to be filmed in that ratio as the 2018-2021 trilogy returned to the 2.35:1 scope ratio.

Cast Trivia

  • John Carpenter was offered a cameo by Rob Zombie.
  • Until the release of Halloween Kills, Tyler Mane was the only person to portray Michael Myers in two full-length films to do so back-to-back.
  • Daeg Faerch had filmed scenes reprising his role as young Michael, but was ultimately replaced when it became clear that he was too big to reprise his role.
  • This is the first time Danielle Harris has been killed off in a Halloween film, as she survived her first two films as Jamie Lloyd and survived as Annie Brackett in the predecessor to this film.

General Trivia

  • Halloween II is the first Halloween film to feature an adult Michael Myers freely walking around without his mask on.
  • The director’s cut of Halloween II is the first, and only, Halloween film to feature an adult Michael Myers talk.
  • Laurie’s original name being Angel Myers was chosen as a way to directly contrast her to that of Michael Myers.
  • The theatrical cut ends with Dr. Loomis and Michael Myers dying, while the director’s cut also kills off Laurie Strode, making this the first Halloween film to kill off Dr. Loomis on screen, and the first Halloween film to not have a retconned Michael Myers death.