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  • The opening of the film is supposed to continue directly from the ending of Halloween, but Laurie’s shirt has changed between the two films.
  • The explosive can be seen on the bumper of the van that Coroner Hooks and Gary Scott are driving right before they hit the cow.
  • The bandage on Laurie’s head during the hospital scenes alternates between being blood soaked and being clean.
  • Actress Caroline Williams, who plays Dr. Maple, accidentally refers to Nurse Daniels as Octavia (the name of the actress who portrays her) at one point, though it could be argued that Octavia could also be Nurse Daniels’ first name.
  • The Myers house that Dr. Loomis does his interview in front of is not the same Myers house as the one from the first film.
  • During Dr. Loomis’ book signing, he alternates between having a red pen and a black pen.
  • When Mya goes for help, Laurie can’t be seen in the doorway in certain shots even though she should clearly be there.