May 19, 2022
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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers logo
  • The producer’s cut features a flashback to the ending of Halloween 5, which takes place in 1989. The vans that Jamie Lloyd and Michael Myers are loaded into feature a grille set that wasn’t put on those vehicles until 1990 at the earliest.
  • While he’s on the phone with Barry Simms, Tommy Doyle manages to hold the phone in his right hand and also type with his right hand.
  • The bus station implies that Haddonfield resides in Livingston County, Illinois. However, the previous films have stated that Haddonfield is in Warren County, Illinois.
  • Additionally, the map in the bus station shows that Haddonfield and Smith’s Grove are between Pontiac and Dwight. In real life, Pontiac and Dwight are only twenty miles apart from one another, far shorter than the 150 miles between Haddonfield and Smith’s Grove.
  • The blood on Jamie’s face after she is impaled by the farm equipment changes in each shot.
  • When Tommy is listening back to the previous night’s recording, he hears a bus station announcement during Jamie’s call to Barry Simms. During the actual scene, no such announcement occurred.
  • Debra Strode’s shows change between Nike Air and Saucony brand shoes in the scenes leading up to, and including, her death scene.
    • They are Nike Air when she is cleaning at the beginning, and then at the end when she runs through the laundry before she gets killed.
    • In the interim scenes, such as those in her basement or when she discovers Michael in the house, she’s wearing Saucony.
  • When Kara calls Beth, Beth answers a cordless phone. Since there’s no electricity in the Myers/Strode residence, Beth would not able to use that phone.
  • As the result of George P. Wilbur not being able to do the reshoots, Michael’s weight and stature fluctuate during the film, particularly in the final act.