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Production Trivia

  • Unlike the previous five films, The Curse of Michael Myers began production in the fall and, as such, presented an authentic fall look. The reshoots for the film were later shot in February and March.
  • Many of the cast and crew have spoken negatively of the film’s production and reshoots, as the result of frequent disputes between the Akkads and the Weinsteins.
  • The film was greenlit and Donald Pleasance signed on solely off the film’s first draft. Pleasance was later upset to discover the script that he loved so much, a more psychological and dark horror film, was being rewritten.
  • Dimension Films removed a million dollars from the film’s budget in the middle of production to help fund another horror sequel they were working on in Hellraiser: Bloodline, which also had a notoriously difficult production.

Cast Trivia

  • Dimension Films had wanted an actress who was 18 to portray Jamie Lloyd. Danielle Harris went through the trouble of getting herself emancipated at the age of 17 to be able to reprise her role, and ultimately walked away on principal after Dimension Films refused to even cover her legal fees and referred to the character as a “bit part.”
  • The filmmakers wanted Brian Andrews to reprise his role of Tommy Doyle, but were unable to track him down as he no longer had an agent and wasn’t working.
  • George P. Wilbur became the first person to portray Michael Myers twice. Coincidentally, he was hired after the start of production for The Return of Michael Myers and wasn’t involved in this film’s reshoots.
  • This is the only Michael Myers-related Halloween film to not feature Danielle Harris nor Jamie Lee Curtis in its cast.

General Trivia

  • One of the earliest working titles for the film was Halloween 666: The Origin of Michael Myers, and a trailer was even released with that as the film’s title. Daniel Farrands maintains it was never a serious title, and the film was subtitled The Curse of Michael Myers during the reshoots at his suggestion.
  • Originally when John Strode was to come home from work, he would turn the television on and Season of the Witch would be playing – despite the fact that Season of the Witch clearly establishes the original Halloween as a movie in it.
  • The Curse of Michael Myers was the first film in the series to go through test screenings. The reaction was negative, and Dimension demanded the film undergo vast rewrites and reshoots to change the entire third act.
  • Joe Chapelle wasn’t a fan of the Halloween films and only signed on to get a multi-picture deal with Miramax. He was the primary source behind removing most of Donald Pleasance’s scenes from the theatrical cut, as he wasn’t a fan of Dr. Loomis’ character and didn’t understand his presence.
  • Despite common belief, the producer’s cut already featured drastic differences from Daniel Farrands’ script, and the writer doesn’t care for either cut of the film.
  • Outside of the Rob Zombie films, which feature no dedicated credits, this is the only Halloween film to have its opening credits play over the film itself.