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Director’s Cut

The director’s cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers effectively serves as a “rough cut” of the film’s theatrical cut, but there are still some notable changes to the film.

List of Differences

  • Steven is in an incubator getting the thorn logo applied to him, rather than being on the table like in the film’s producer and theatrical’s cut.
    • There are no opening credits in this scene, but the narration by Paul Rudd remains.
  • Jamie’s death scene is a few seconds longer, showing more close-ups and gore of the farm equipment killing her.
  • Dr. Loomis and Dr. Wynn’s conversation in the third act features more dialogue from the producer’s cut.
  • When the doctor gets crushed by the metal bars, the director’s cut adds the footage of his body parts hitting the ground after being pushed through the grate.