The Old Myers Place (Halloween #2)

by Kelly O’Rourke

A year has passed since Lori Parker and her friends were terrorized by the return of Michael Myers in The Scream Factory. The survivors of that new Halloween night massacre have now graduated from high school, but we can’t be sure what happened to them after that. Did they go on to attend a nearby college, or did they move away from Haddonfield entirely, eager to leave the specter of the still-living Michael Myers far behind in their rearview mirrors? One couldn’t blame them if they did choose to leave town after the horrors that they faced at the hands of Michael Myers, but we don’t find out the answer to that question either way in The Old Myers Place. We’re dealing with an entirely new set of characters in a very different situation…though still with the same powerful, psychopathic antagonist ruthlessly hunting them.

Whatever could have possessed teenaged Mary White’s parents to not only move to a town with a bleak and fearful past like Haddonfield, Illinois, but to move into the actual house where spree killer Michael Myers at age six murdered his older sister and subsequently returned several times over the next twenty years to wreak further havoc, is beyond my understanding. Not only that, but Michael Myers still lives, and is believed to have resumed his killing spree in Haddonfield less than a year ago. Nevertheless, Mary White has moved into the old Myers house, and it is precisely this choice by her parents that puts Mary and her friends in line for another slaughter on Halloween night. 

As Michael Myers closes in on Mary and her acquaintances from the high school, they are unaware of the horrifying danger that approaches. Mary is excited about her new boyfriend, Josh, one of the most popular guys at Haddonfield High. Her previous boyfriend, Jeff, warns Mary that all-American Josh isn’t what he appears to be, that he has a dark side that always eventually comes out when he’s been in a relationship with a pretty girl for a while, but Mary doesn’t want to listen to Jeff’s advice. He’s probably jealous, she figures, having blown his chance with Mary earlier that year. When a mysterious stranger attacks Mary in the dark in her own bedroom at the Myers house, she’s shocked to find out who the police suspect of the assault. Could there be more to the story, though, than the police are willing to believe? Is it possible that the stranger who tried to strangle her could be the murderous Michael Myers himself, come back to get rid of the family that has settled into his old house? 


  • Release Date: December 1, 1997
  • Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group
  • Page Count: 150 Pages
  • ISBN: 1572973412 • 978-1572973411