Halloween IV

by Nicholas Grabowsky

It’s the return of Michael Myers in the definitive Halloween novelization! By special arrangement with Trancas International Films, fantasy/horror author Nicholas Grabowsky presents a special, limited edition of his novel, the way it was meant to be. Complete with additional and expanded chapters, it adds an exciting dimension to the Michael Myers legacy!


  • Release Date: October 1, 1988 (original pressing); September 25, 2003 (limited edition); December 16, 2013 (ultimate edition)
  • Publisher: Critics Choice Paperbacks (original); BookSurge (limited edition); self-published (ultimate edition)
  • Page Count: 224 pages; 188 pages; 188 pages


The novelization for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers has had a unique, long-lasting lifespan as a published book. Though the original publisher went out-of-business as the book was being published, the copyright was registered to author Nicholas Grabowsky’s name, thereby giving him full ownership of the book going forward. The novelization saw a subsequent release in 2003 with additional chapters and extended scenes compared to that of the 1988 edition. 2016 saw a subsequent release published through Amazon’s CreateSpace program.

While you can theoretically buy the books secondhand from Amazon or eBay, Nicholas Grabowsky runs his own Facebook page where he occasionally sells copies of the books. You can check it out here.