March News (So-Far) Round-Up

There’s been a plethora of news in the Halloween world that I’ve (sadly) been neglecting to post, so here’s the round-up for what’s been announced so far!

  • On March 12, Digital Spy posted their interview with Andi Matichak, where she referred to the upcoming Halloween Kills as “wonderfully chaotic”. You can read the full interview here.
  • Also on March 12, Rob Zombie’s newest album was released! It’s available for purchase at your favourite retailers, and is currently on all major streaming services.
  • March 13 saw the release of Malcolm McDowell’s newest movie, Blood on the Crown. It’s currently available to rent via Amazon, and was filmed in Malta. On March 18, he also posted a Tweet celebrating the nine year anniversary of when he received his star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • On March 14, Trick or Treat Studios revealed their Halloween accessories pack on their Twitter page by saying, Here is our first look The Halloween (1978) Accessory Pack! The set will retail for $89.99 and includes Green Coveralls, Ghost Sheet head and glasses, 6 new hands, phone, Judith Myers Tombstone and a light-up jacko’lantern. Be on the look out for more details in the coming month.
  • On March 16, Season of the Witch‘s Brad Schacte (“Little Buddy”) celebrated his 51st birthday!
  • On March 17, Danielle Harris appeared on the John Bartolo Show! The hour long interview can be viewed on YouTube, and will soon be added to the video vault for posterity.
  • On March 17, Caroline Williams – who had a cameo on Rob Zombie’s Halloween II as one of the nurses during the opening dream sequence – watched Leprechaun 3 and did a live tweet of it. You can view all of the Tweets on her Twitter page.

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