May 19, 2022
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Danielle Harris Joins Patreon

In a post on her Instagram page, Danielle Harris has announced that she has joined Patreon and invites her followers & fans to join her on this new journey of content creation!

Ok. I did it! Time to start creating killer content just for you!!! I’m on @patreon folks and ready to get to work for you. Big thanks to everyone who messaged me with ideas for my tiers! I took all your advice and would love for you to comment below on what you want to see added. I really appreciate you and your input! I’ve put the link in my bio above! Have patience with me while I navigate this next step as a creator. It’ll take me a min (or a few weeks) to figure it all out

Danielle Harris via Instagram

Tiers of Support

Her Patreon page can be found at, and features the following tiers of fandom:

Fan Girl/Fan Boy

Thank you for being a fan! You’ll get a personal shout out once a month on a live IG of mine thanking you for your support and my LOVE and appreciation of course!

  • Shout-out

Trick or Treat

You get the perks of Fan Boy/Fan Girl PLUS this tier gives you exclusive access to the 30 minute versions of CommenTERROR” episodes before they are released!
You’ll also get special behind the scenes video footage once a month from my photoshoots that are not posted on my social media and are only available to my patrons! Definitely a “Treat” 😉

  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Exclusive content
  • shout out
  • Early access

Final Girl

ALL the awesome perks from the previous tiers PLUS you get the FULL 90 MINUTE EPISODES of “CommenTERROR” which will NOT be available to anyone other than my AWESOME patrons at this level! 
 you’ll get a discount code for 20% off autographed photos on my personal website!

  • Early access
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Exclusive content
  • Patron shout-out
  • Merch

Scream Queen

ALL the perks from all the other tiers PLUS… 
1x a month! Patrons can poll and pick a horror movie to watch with me on my private IG account I’ve created ONLY for my Patrons at this level! I’ll also post exclusive behind the scenes from on set, photoshoots and daily life that are for your eyes only and not shared on any other social media platform 🙂
ALSO, my patrons get EXCLUSIVE EARLY access to my limited edition autographed merchandise only available to my SUPER SUPPORTERS at this level AND a special thank you surprise box of goodies hand picked, autographed and sent to you from me with every 3 months of continued support!! And my undying love of course!


  • Chat community
  • Early access
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Exclusive content
  • Patron shout-out
  • Live event VIP
  • Live chat
  • Merch
  • shout out
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